RESORT: Cabin Rental, RV & Venue Shevlin, MN. . . 612-812-7309
RESORT: Cabin Rental, RV & VenueShevlin, MN. . . 612-812-7309

Weddings, Reunions, Company Parties, Graduations, etc.

We have hundreds of acres with minimal lodging, because our place was designed to cater to groups that want the ability to rent the whole place. We have only three cabins  and 7 RV/Camp sites. This enables groups to EASILY rent out the whole place and be by themselves on a giant piece of property and have their fun and privacy. We love working with groups, every one is so different and always comes up with unique ways to utilize the property for their own enjoyment. It is comforting to guests to not have to worry about bothering others, and that is what we provide. 

MN Outdoor Wedding Venue

All Other Events & Groups

Get creative, let us know what your goals are for your booking and we can help you shape an event. Please review our AMENITIES and PACKAGES for ideas and to get an understanding of our property. From building giant bonfires, a gnome hunt, ATV runs, potlucks, live bands, shooting. . . we are ready for your ideas and can help.

Pricing for Weddings

INDEPENDENT, SERVICED, or CEREMONY ONLY We offer three different types of weddings, each priced out below: The first is a "CEREMONY ONLY" which you must call for custom pricing because they are not as lengthy, involved and drastically cheaper. The second is for a smaller wedding that doesn't really need us, and has 100 people or less, we call it an "INDEPENDENT WEDDING", and the third is for weddings that must rely on more of our services to pull off their wedding due to the size of the guest list and additional services, this wedding is referred to below as the "SERVICED WEDDING". Each is very different and priced very differently so please see all.


Pricing and rules are subject to change.


Ceremony Only:

We price these individually based on the amount of time spent here, the number of people, and how involved it will be on our end. We have had ceremonies with 5 people total, that lodged with us, that cost nothing beyond the cost of lodging. We have had ceremonies with 30 people that ran $500 based on their needs. The spectrum is wide, so just give us a call and we can toss around your needs and get you a price. Also, important to note, these weddings have the venue area privately to themselves for their ceremony but the rest of the grounds MAY have other guests enjoying their vacations at the same time. We can be flexible with different ceremony spaces on our property. You are welcome to have your ceremony any day of the week. Call anytime with questions.

Independent Wedding:

Picture arriving in the morning, decorating, guests arriving to the ceremony, enjoying some food under the pavilion and your guests relaxing. As night falls, wave off your guests and spend the remainder of the evening enjoying your new union, just the two of you. We introduced this wedding because our regular options did not offer anything to the couples that just did not need us. This type of wedding can be had on any day of the week, arrive anytime in the morning, and depart at sundown- which varies throughout the Summer. We can price it cheaper by the smaller guest list, not going into the evening, and by not having to be on site with workers. So many couples call and want to do (and are fully capable of doing) all of their ideas on their own. This is for them! This type of wedding you have the venue to yourself but the rest of the property may have other guests vacationing, staying in cabins or camping.

PERKS: Use of a 25 X 36 foot pavilion with electricity on top of a boulder landscaped hill, all beautifully landscaped, picnic tables for your guests, garbage cans, you may bring in your own food/caterer/potluck/pig roast. You may bring your own liquor/beer (no glass bottles) to a designated liquor area and a bartender is not required, use of our grounds for adventuring during the day or photography, the playground, the boats at the dock, an arched area to have your ceremony, and a tiny rustic cabin to get changed in with a full-length mirror, a CLEAN outhouse will be provided to your guests as well. Every area used for your day must be cleaned and left free of debris and litter. At sun down the husband and wife can whisk themselves away to their special honeymoon spot with an evening still left to enjoy. If you want lodging it is priced separately at regular cost per night for the cabin or RV/Tent sites. ATVs and pets are welcome. This is a wonderful option and provides a great day for a family/friends gathering. All guests must park in the mowed field at the entrance and must supply their own ceremony chairs. The cost for the Independent Wedding is: $500 for 50 guests or less, $600 for 51-60 guests, $700 for 61-70 guests, $800 for 71-80 guests, $900 for 81-90 guests, $1,000 for 91-100 guests. 100 guests MAX. Lodging is separate.




Serviced Wedding: 500 max capacity



Want us to Provide?

Total $


Wedding Venue- Thurs- Fri. Set up, Sat. Wedding/Recep, Sun. Take Down. Fri. and Sat. Night Lodging

See below this chart for a description/explanation of

BASIC FEE $3,000.00



Ceremony Only- call for custom price since ceremony sizes vary.




Lodging for the RV/ Tent Sites on Fri. & Sat. nights-

Under 39 people camping is included in the base fee.

under 39 people covered by


40 + people lodging add $100

70 + people lodging add $150

100 + people lodging add $250

Yes     No


Rustic Cabin - Fri. & Sat. nights included in Basic fee. Electric only & water spigot & privy outside

For additional nights beyond the included Fri. & Sat. nights is: $60.00/night. 2 person capacity.

Yes    No 


Bonfire to last till bar close (1am)

$150/Bonfire, Fun Custom Shaped

Yes     No


Cabin Eleanor (Fri. & Sat. nights are included in basic fee as well) Additional nights are $125.

$125/ For each night, beds include 1 queen & 1 bunk for a total of 4 people.

Yes     No


 Tables Only- (seat 8/table)

5 rectangle & 5 round available


5’ diameter & 30’’x8’ rectangular

Yes    No

How Many


Greeter/Guard at Check In (2 hrs surrounding ceremony included in basic fee-begins 1.5 hrs. before ceremony)

$20/Hr. for additional hours for greeting/monitoring guests at entry.

Yes     No


Extra Chauffeur with Golf Cart/UTV Basic fee includes 2hrs of chauffeur.

$20/Hour/cart or UTV, Fun for the guests. 1 chauffeur included for two hrs.

Yes     No





Bouncy House


Yes     No


Helpers for Anything!

MUST notify of need 1 month in advance so we can prepare.


Yes     No




Refuge Cabin- NOT included in base price, MUST BE RENTED Fri. & Sat. or  wedding couple assumes the cost. Sleeps 10

$360/night -3 queen beds, 2 full futons. Have renters call and make reservation. Usually renters pitch in a breakdown of the cost per head for the weekend. Often used for close family, guests to get ready, or bridal party.











All prices are subject to change.


Tax 6.875%



Have an unusual idea? Just Ask!!!!!







What the $3,000 “Base Fee” means and includes: 


Lodging: Having cabin “Eleanor” for the wedding couple Fri . & Sat. nights. with a personal stone landscaped fire pit area. A full-length mirror and additional easel with a mirror for getting ready. A full kitchen to keep cupcakes and flowers:) All of our RV/Tent sites are available to your party since the property would be exclusively and privately yours, the RV/Tent sites are equipped with water, electricity, a fire pit, firewood and a central RV dump. The base fee covers 39 guests camping here. There are also picnic tables and fire pits with grills and a wood shed. 1-3 RVs can fit easily on each site and any number of tents. There is also one very cute tiny cabin the “Rustic” with a full sized bed, TV/DVD, little stove, air conditioner, mini fridge and microwave, a loft and a porch. It has a water spigot outside and water jugs inside and a culligan machine, as there is no indoor plumbing. It also has a fire pit with a grill and picnic table. Guests staying in the Rustic use the same outhouses that the campers use.- We provide maintained outhouses for the RV/Tent site guests. The wedding Party and RV/Tent site guests can stay till 2pm on Sunday. Many guests arrive early and stay later to make a longer event of it- sometimes morphing into family reunions and potlucks:) We have had guests set up pop up canopies in the camping area with full bloody mary bars, powder rooms and some very creative gaming such as a kick ball area or corn hole and ladder games for their camping guests. Lots of additional lodging is available in the surrounding area in both hotel and rental cabin styles. The Refuge cabin is billed separately based on how many people lodge there.


Lake/Dock/Property: Your party has access to all boats & dock absolutely free of charge. There is a little dock shed with life jackets, paddles and random fishing gear. There are paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, and a john boat to float around on. The banks to the lake are steep so there is no access for putting in boats brought from guests. There is a lake 1 mile down the road that has an access but can't take big boats. Enjoy lots of walking, hiking and trails to ATV on. We encourage guests to bring their ATVs or golf carts as the property is large. Cruising around on golf carts is a ton of fun too. 200 acres to roam and adjoining county forest provides 100's more acres. 


Lighting: All the Tiki torches ablaze on Sat. night (we provide the fluid & fill) and light as the sun falls, the tikis will last the entire evening. The pavilion is illuminated with strings of white lights.


Tables: 7- 8 foot picnic tables. The wedding party can move the picnic tables wherever they wish. There is also a stationary picnic table 32’ long.


Maintenance: All garbage cans/bags/servicing of garbage will be completely taken care of. Your party can start setting up as early as Thurs. for wedding and may stay as late as needed on Sunday to pack up. Wedding parties are responsible for picking up all of their own decorations and items they have rented.


Areas to Highlight:  Use of our 25x36 foot pavilion with electricity, great for DJ's to set up under for shelter this area has the most suitable dance floor for heels; it is also great for Sunday gift opening for guests to meander up to as they start to wake up to grab brunch. Some parties have had a potluck brunch there in the shade. The outdoor stage is at the base of the big boulder hill, caterers can use its electricity if needed and a band can set up there as well. The ceremony site/arches can be used if chosen for the ceremony and can be decorated to your liking. A greeter at the front gate at a little building to welcome & aid your guests arriving for the ceremony or reception by giving rides to those unable to walk, assisting with heavy gifts to the gift table, answering questions etc. There is a playground for the children.


Us: We will stay out of sight come ceremony time so we distract in any way. But stay close enough in case we are needed. We cherish being a part of such an important time and are grateful to our wedding parties.


Other POSSIBLE financial considerations/vendors to hire outside of the Black Lantern:

DJ/Live Band/Stereo, etc. must stop by 12:00 Midnight- $___________________________________

Food caterers, pot luck, pig roast, any vendor you want to hire- your choice as well – $___________________________________

Bar with Bartenders if needed- We know some GREAT businesses that we are happy to recommend. Many options here, you can provide your own as well, there are just a couple rules we have to follow to ensure safety so inquire. 


Party Tent /Tables/Chairs Rental- A party/event tent is a great place to dine in the shade for the party, great for a back-up space in case of a little or a lot of rain too. If you require tables and chairs beyond what we can provide with our picnic tables, the local tent rental companies provide these as well.  -$___________________________________

Outhouses & Water @ the Venue – Down in the venue area we have no plumbing besides a hose to extinguish a bonfire. If water is needed for coffee and such, parties use water jugs, which can be filled right in the RV sites. We have a certified, tested public water source. All caterers we have had, have been able to easily plan accordingly, and providing water bottles for guests goes a long way too, whether provided by you or the caterer/bartender. Due to the different sizes of each party, outhouses must be rented each time for the venue area. Port-Able John in Bemidji is the company we love, they have regular outhouses, handicapped accessible, and they even have pretty ones that are fully equipped bathrooms! Just provide them with the number of guests and length of stay – even ballpark, and they will figure on a price. Their number is 218-751-9453, you are also free to choose a different vendor as well. 2 to 4 outhouses are typical depending on the size of your party.




These above items should complete a HUGE chunk of a wedding checklist.

We hope this helps! Call with any questions, anytime. -612-812-7309



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